Top Online Tool For Creating Listings that Sell on Amazon

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019

Every business requires tools. Some are absolutely necessary to make your business work and others are fun extras that will help you operate more efficiently. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or have been at it for  some time, there are always tools, apps, programs and tech gear to enhance your business. Here is one of our favorite tools for starting and growing an Amazon business.

The Scanner Society Presents… Amazon Listings Demystified

Overwhelmed at the thought of creating a new listing?

Keep putting it off? With all the rules, keywords, titles and other descriptors it is difficult to know whether or not you’ve got it right. The Listing Demystified Course and Chrome extension created by our friends at Scanner Society has upgraded the way we create listings. The tools and strategies they provide along with the invaluable chrome extension ensures we have the correct amount of characters and keywords in the the right places for the best listing optimization possible. This is our favorite new tool to use for make sure our listings are compliant with Amazon’s ever changing algorithm. The extension is continually updated for an optimal experience. Click the link below to watch a demo video and use the code MOMMYINCOME to get $50 off.  



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