Amazon Seller Questions Answered - GTIN Exemption - UPC - Wholesale [2020]

amazon listings q4 Jul 06, 2020

No matter how experienced, new, or something in-between you are, whether you’re reaping seven figures a year or just thinking of starting an online business on Amazon, you’ll find yourself in need of clarity and directions. I know, because even I still ask for guidance despite all my experience in e-commerce. As entrepreneurs, it’s important to reach out and ask questions. In fact, it’s the first step you need to take if you want to grow and expand your online business.

In today’s episode, I answer some of the questions that were asked during our Ask Me Anything Amazon event. I discuss how the pandemic affected people’s buying behavior and explain why it’s a great time to start selling on Amazon in spite of the coronavirus. I explore how you can scale and grow your business through diversification and changing your Amazon business model and share how you can rank your products on Amazon. I also describe how you can find wholesale vendors, explain why I started wholesale bundling, and reveal the amazing benefits I received when I started to outsource my business.

“Anybody can benefit from coaching. If you have questions that need answers, no matter the level you’re at, ask for help.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • Why more people will be shopping online this year
  • Different ways to troubleshoot low-ranking bundles on Amazon
  • Why you need to visit your bundle listings on Amazon every day and ask for reviews from your customers
  • How to get your bundle and product listings to rank and how to price your items competitively
  • What getting ungated means and how to do it through wholesaling
  • Handling Amazon sales tax and why your tax professional should be knowledgeable on e-commerce
  • The best websites that support keyword searches
  • Finding reasonably-priced wholesale items to sell on Amazon and why I created wholesale bundles
  • Amazon’s rules on drop-shipping, what you should be wary about, and why I don’t think drop-shipping is worth it
  • How to start wholesaling on Amazon and researching profitable products to sell
  • Why I think it’s a great time to sell on Amazon despite the pandemic
  • The best way to create custom packaging for Amazon bundles and how to start creating your bundle brand
  • How to scale your Amazon business through outsourcing and hiring a prep center
  • The best way to diversify on Amazon
  • Why I don’t do retail arbitrage on Amazon anymore


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