AMAZON FBA Private Label Truth: What the experts won’t tell you

There is plenty of buzz in the Amazon FBA world around private labeling. Every Amazon based Youtube Channel, social media feed and podcast have tons of info on the subject.

Its time to hear the truth about private labeling and a unique strategy we use to implement private-label in a far more profitable way.

Despite popular belief, private labeling is not the holy grail everyone claims it is. With time, money, creativity, marketing, importing and did we say even MORE time and money you could hit the PL jackpot. Most people’s reality is that they end up with a garage full of unsellable goods and an empty bank account.


Special Offer

How we Amazon:
Printer for FBA labels
Printer for Shipping Labels
Dymo Labels
Hand Cart/Dolly 8-in-1
“This is a Set” Labels
Shipping Scale
Bluetooth Scanner for Thrifting/RA

Tools we can’t live without:
Our prep center
Keyword Research Tool
Inventory Lab
Jungle Scout

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