AF165 - Fixing Amazon Error Codes

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Getting error codes on Amazon isn’t something new. Receiving error notifications with listings is a regular occurrence, but with Amazon’s recent changes to their policies, error codes have been surging. While the company is making these changes to protect both their bottomline and Amazon customers, the drastic changes can feel stressful and confusing. But don’t pull your hair out just yet. While the solutions are not as fun and exciting as one might think, there are certainly steps you can take to fix these Amazon error codes and make your business thrive. 

Today, I outline both short-term and long-term fixes to those dreaded error codes everyone keeps receiving on Amazon. I explain the Amazon error codes 5661, 5664, and 5665 and describe how they impact the way you list your bundles. I define and differentiate ‘brand registry’ from ‘brand approval’ and emphasize why you need to start pursuing brand registry for your Amazon business. I also discuss Amazon’s bundling policy and underscore the importance of having the willingness to do the hard work and creating a long-term sustainable Amazon business. 

“Amazon has officially changed the rules, and the best way to fix these errors is to create your own bundle brand and custom packaging.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Changes in Amazon’s listing policies and how they increased the instances of error notifications recently
  • Why you should take steps towards getting brand registry
  • The reason you need to decide what you want out of selling on Amazon
  • Other eCommerce platforms you can sell on if you want to make quick cash
  • The importance of having the willingness to do more challenging things
  • How I transitioned from doing online business for quick cash to running a long-term, sustainable Amazon business
  • Realizing that retail arbitrage isn’t sustainable and why wholesaling didn’t work for me
  • Appraising the value of my Amazon business and the power of having a sustainable business model
  • Why you’re getting error code 5665 when listing and how to fix it
  • The difference between brand registry and brand approval
  • The costs of getting a US Trademark for your brand registry
  • Fixing 5661 errors by listing items as ‘compatible with…’
  • Listing generic items and encountering error 5664
  • Amazon’s bundling policy and the fastest way to get suspended on Amazon


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