AF195 - Retail Arbitrage Updates

I know a lot of you are using the retail arbitrage business model to build your Amazon business. I used to do it, too. It was the foundation of my business for many years and there is certainly profit in it. However, when you go to a store, there is no guarantee that you will find products to fill your cart.  There are some pitfalls, most notably: time and business limitations. Things have changed for 2021 and some new policies coming from Amazon that you need to know. 

So let’s talk about retail arbitrage and how this can, should, or shouldn’t fit into your business model so you can build your business in the best way that suits you.

Today, I share how my journey with Amazon started in retail arbitrage and some of the successes I have had with it. I explore the art of retail arbitrage and some of the challenges I faced when using this business model. I highlight the main limitations of retail arbitrage and why it can take up more of your time as your Amazon business scales. I reveal how you can get yourself out of the retail arbitrage trap and explore some of the new Amazon selling rules on cash register receipts and brand restrictions. I also share why we moved our Amazon business into wholesale bundling and how you can find wholesalers to partner with and build your own Amazon bundles.

“If you are doing all the work and doing all the things all the time, then you’re just building yourself a different job.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • How I started with retail arbitrage
  • What retail arbitrage is and how you can do it
  • The challenges I faced when using the retail arbitrage business model
  • How you can get yourself out of the retail arbitrage prison
  • Why retail arbitrage eats up more and more of your time as you grow
  • The main limitations of retail arbitrage
  • New Amazon rules regarding cash register receipts for your products
  • Brand restrictions you need to know
  • Why we started wholesale bundling in our Amazon business
  • How you can find wholesale partners



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