AF177 - Improve Your PPC on Amazon w/ Guest Expert Dr. Travis Zigler

ppc Jan 18, 2021

Dr. Travis Zigler is an optometrist-turned-ecommerce expert and entrepreneur. Three years into his practice as an optometrist, Travis felt that something was missing in his career. He soon took a course on how to sell on Amazon and began an Ecommerce journey that would later support his mission of healing millions of people who suffer from dry eye syndrome around the world. Travis has grown his Amazon business through leveraging Ecommerce advertising techniques and cultivating a community, and has made it his goal to help others scale and expand their Amazon businesses.

Travis joins me today to share how he began his Ecommerce journey and how he found his Amazon niche. He explains how he transitioned from his optometry practice to running his Amazon business full-time. He discusses his ventures on Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click advertising program and illustrates how Amazon business owners can apply the 80/20 rule. He also underscores the value of cultivating a community and highlights the power of listening to your customers.

“80% of your Amazon advertising sales come from your search terms. If you focus on what works, your profits, revenue, and organic rankings will soar.” - Dr. Travis Zigler

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Travis’ background and how he got started in the Ecommerce world
  • The value of using your knowledge bank and how Travis created the Eye Love product line
  • How Travis realized that he wanted to cover the dry eye niche as an Amazon business owner
  • How to build a connection with your Amazon customers
  • Why you need to read Amazon customer reviews on your products
  • Playing in Amazon’s playground and how Travis ventured into PPC
  • Applying the 80/20 rule to Amazon advertising
  • Why you don’t need to advertise all your Amazon products
  • Figuring out how to “deluxify” your top-selling product
  • Using PPC ads to scale on Amazon
  • What “discovery” campaigns are and why you should transform them to “exact match” campaigns
  • Why Travis is a huge believer of single keyword ad campaigns
  • Integrating automation on your Amazon ad campaigns
  • Cutting loose ends and how much you should spend on Amazon PPCs
  • What ‘ACoS’ means and why it’s key to organic rankings on Amazon
  • The value of word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty
  • Hitting the perfect balance between organic sales and advertising sales
  • Travis’ charity and mission work



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