AF188 - 22 Year old Entrepreneur Noah Bindschatel Tells All

guest experts prep center Apr 02, 2021

While getting a college degree is great, it’s not what it takes to be successful. Take Noah Bindschatel. A self-made entrepreneur at 22 years old, Noah is busting through the “traditional” pathway society pressures young people to take: the path that forces the young generation to go to college, incur student loans worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, and get jobs that shackle them from doing what they find meaningful. Today, Noah is the Head Ambassador for Customer Service at MyPrepCenter, an Amazon prep center that he runs with his family. Noah - armed with grit and faith - is proof that you don’t have to have a college degree to be successful in life - or to be successful in running an Amazon business.

Noah joins me today to share how he realized he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. He discusses his experiences with the pressure to make big purchases and the stigma around entrepreneurship. He reveals one of the most challenging parts about being self-employed at a young age and describes how the idea of freedom motivates him. He also underscores the role of faith in business and entrepreneurship and highlights what it means to become a servant-leader.

“Understand that your role and everything you do is to benefit somebody else, and that having God on your side is like having true north.” - Noah Bindschatel

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Noah’s first job at a pizza shop and what it’s like to grow up in an entrepreneurial family
  • The first time he flipped an item and how he realized he wanted to become an entrepreneur
  • How the sense of freedom can be the biggest motivation to pursue entrepreneurship
  • Lessons from Dave Ramsey on money and freedom
  • Withstanding peer pressure and the stigma about entrepreneurship
  • The difference between being able to choose to work and the need to go to work
  • How Noah’s parents impacted his work ethic and perspective on entrepreneurship
  • The role of faith in Noah’s business and entrepreneurship
  • The importance of bringing servant-leadership into business
  • The first Mommy Income refund I had to do and how to let go of people-pleasing
  • Using your gifts and talents in service of others



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