Best Tools to Continue Your Amazon Business Growth in 2019

Dec 03, 2018

Despite popular belief you do not have to hit a wall after Q4. In this episode we will give you some great tips on how to keep sales moving even after the rush of Q4 is over. HINT: You must start working NOW. Tune in for more info on how to use Q4 to grow your business.

  • Get Ready for Q1
    Send stuff in now
    Take the Q1 class if you are new
    Rewatch it if you have already taken this class
  • Make a calendar appointment to check and revise listings
    This will not magically happen
    Look at what is selling and what is not selling, fix tweak
    Pull holiday items- donate to write off
  • Stay organized
    Find or create physical and Digital file system
    Learn to name Files so they are easy to find
    Tax season is coming. Start preparing now
  • Learn new skill
    If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.
    Invest in a new software to make you more efficient
    Read a book
    Take a class
    Learn PPC, Oaxray, TA, Jungle Scout, Merchant Words
  • Learn new business model
    Try Wholesale
    Add bundles
    Try creating your own packaging for bundles
    Consider Private/White Label
  • Use 80/20 rule add new items/products/categories80 % of time and money spent on regular business process 20% Spent on new ventures, new sourcing methods

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