AF184 - Smart & Easy Amazon PPC with Joe Shelrud

guest experts Mar 08, 2021

I have proven throughout the years that, through smart listing optimization, you can direct buyer traffic to your products without leveraging Amazon ads. But let’s face it: sometimes, Amazon takes time to pick up on your listings and keywords. So, if you’re someone who wants to kick start your bundles and make things speed up a little, you really need to make use of PPCs and some helpful advice from Amazon advertising & PPC marketing expert, Joe Shelrud. He is the founder and CEO of Ad Advance, an Amazon Advertising Management Agency. Joe shares my passion for helping people. By developing strategies and tools - in addition to creating The Ad Project podcast - Joe guides Amazon business owners through their journey towards success.

Joe joins me today to discuss how he transitioned from his career in project management and engineering to start an Amazon business and, eventually, Ad Advantage. He shares the different kinds of Amazon ads and the various ways to approach them. He highlights simple advertising strategies for new Amazon business owners and reveals the perfect time for sellers to outsource to an advertising agency like Ad Advantage. He also outlines the three stages of building a business and reveals the two crucial elements new Amazon sellers should focus on.

“Amazon is a marathon, not a sprint. With advertising, you’re building that foundation for your listing.” - Joe Shelrud

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How Joe pivoted from his chemical engineering background to sell on Amazon
  • Joe’s beginnings in retail arbitrage and how he transitioned to private labeling
  • Using your expertise to your advantage and turning it into a product to sell on Amazon
  • How Joe came up with the idea that soon became Ad Advance
  • The vast, confusing world of Amazon PPC and the Ad Advance strategies for Amazon beginners
  • What new Amazon sellers should focus on before they start running ads
  • The role of listing optimization in an effective Amazon advertising strategy
  • Why sponsored Amazon ads get the majority of ad spend
  • What makes “sponsored brands” different from sponsored ads and why it’s a great way to build brand loyalty
  • The power of customizing your storefront on Amazon
  • What dynamic bids are and how to utilize them
  • Why suggested bid amounts are a great way to start with Amazon PPC
  • The advantages of product reviews over advertising
  • An Amazon ACOS strategy for beginners and the key goals for getting Amazon ads
  • How often Amazon ads should be tweaked and adjusted
  • What attribution windows are and what they mean for sponsored ads
  • A basic advertising campaign funnel structure for Amazon sellers
  • The three stages of building up a business



Connect with Joe Shelerud:

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