AF198 - GS1 UPC Codes for Amazon Sellers

guest experts Jun 13, 2021

It’s important to be legitimate on Amazon, and to do this, you need the correct codes. You need to understand the difference between GTIN, UPC, and EAN codes and how they affect your Amazon business. To help me explain these codes, I have brought in an expert to share everything you need to know to help you fully understand these codes, how Amazon uses them, and why it’s important that you’re using the correct codes in your Amazon listings. Michelle Covey leads the partnerships team at GS1 US and does a lot of advocacy for the GS1 standards that many Amazon sellers use. She is also responsible for the external partner relationships programs that support accurate GS1 Standards implementation for companies of all sizes.

Today, Michelle reveals the differences between GTIN, UPC, and EAN codes on products and why each product variation needs a unique GTIN. She shares why you can reassign product identifiers and why old GTINs are not reused. We explore the issues you may run into when buying codes from third parties that are not registered to you and why buying GS1-certified codes will ultimately save you money. Michelle explains the pricing structure for GS1 US codes and the information you need to provide when registering your codes on their website. She also shares how Amazon verifies your product identifiers and why it is crucial to get your brand name right when listing on Amazon.

“Your GTINs can be assigned to different brands; they all come into that umbrella of your company.” - Michelle Covey

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • The difference between GTIN, UPC, and EAN
  • Why product variations need to have their own GTIN
  • Why you can’t reassign product identifiers
  • Why old GTINs are not recycled or reused
  • Why you will run into problems if you buy codes that aren’t registered to you
  • How using GS1 for your codes saves you money
  • The pricing structure GS1 US offers for GTINs
  • Expected new Amazon policies on bundle exemptions
  • What you need to consider when choosing which GS1 location to use
  • The information you need to be able to register your code on the GS1 US website
  • How Amazon verifies your product codes
  • Why it’s vital to get your brand name right when listing on Amazon



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