Mom turns |FBA| Side Hustle into 7 Figure Business

This special mom boss turned her side hustle into a seven figure business. After a slow start on multiple online selling platforms she came up with a method of selling Amazon FBA which now generates over 7 figures! Success didn’t happen overnight and she is sharing her journey to help others.

If you are at the start of your Amazon business journey, then finding success and an income that will sustain you can feel like a long way away. You may be running an Amazon business as a side hustle and want to give up the nine-to-five, work from home, and make your side hustle your full time job. There may be many steps and pivots to make, but it is absolutely possible if you put in the work to find seven-figure success. 

In this episode, Kristin shares her story of building a side hustle to seven figures. She reveals how she moved from eBay to thrifting and from Amazon retail arbitrage to wholesale bundles. Kristin highlights how taking on her mom as a 50/50 partner allowed her to reduce her working hours while increasing income. She also shares an introduction to the side hustle, how to re-invest your return on investment, and why pivots are essential to find and maintain success.

“Little steps are better than no steps. You can inch your way up little by little.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • Turning items into cash during the golden era of eBay.
  • Kristin's first experiences of thrifting and selling on Amazon.
  • How retail arbitrage changed the game for Amazon sellers.
  • Taking on an Amazon business partner.
  • Developing a process to reduce hours and increase income.
  • An introduction to the 15-minute hustle.
  • Following a formula to split return on investment to different parts of the business.
  • Why Kristin pivoted her business from RA to wholesale bundles.
  • Why pivots are the natural progression of expanding a business.
  • Making the transition from managing inventory in-home to using a prep center.


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