AF172 - Protect Your Assets with Ashlin Hadden

guest experts Dec 14, 2020

As an Amazon business owner, I know that building a legitimate online business doesn’t happen overnight: through sweat and tears, I’ve worked hard over the years to see my business grow. That’s why I want to protect my Amazon business with insurance. But the first time I called an insurance agency, they clearly had no clue about what I do. Luckily, there’s Ashlin Hadden, the founder of Ashlin Hadden Insurance who’s dedicated to educating her clients and guiding them in protecting their most valuable assets. Ashlin and her team specialize in helping Amazon sellers of all experiences, from beginners getting started with wholesale bundling to experienced Amazon sellers looking to expand to offer their own private labels.

Ashlin joins me today to explain why Amazon sellers need insurance providers who specialize in working with Ecommerce businesses. She discusses why Amazon business owners need insurance and describes how “general” liability is different from “product” liability. She reveals the best time to buy an insurance policy and the kind of insurance Amazon sellers need. She also illustrates how easy it is to apply for an insurance policy and highlights how and why insurance companies protect businesses from loss.

“The best time to buy insurance is before you even ship your first item.” - Ashlin Hadden

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Ashlin’s previous life as a banker before starting her Ecommerce insurance business
  • Why you and your Amazon business need an insurance policy
  • The best time to buy an insurance policy
  • The kind of insurance products Ecommerce sellers need
  • The difference between general and product liability
  • Why Amazon sellers need insurance agents who specialize in Ecommerce
  • The importance of getting your business and personal property protected
  • Adding transit coverage to your insurance policy
  • Why buying insurance means buying peace of mind and how having an insurance policy sets you apart from other Amazon sellers
  • Documents to prepare when getting an insurance policy for your Amazon business
  • Anticipating sales for your insurance policy
  • How long it takes to complete an application with Ashlin Hadden Insurance
  • Insurance policies on copyright infringement and Amazon account suspensions



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