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help for sellers Jul 03, 2021

This week, I am so excited to have a chance to answer some of the tons of questions that have been coming my way. Whether through email, our YouTube videos, or our Facebook group, so many of you have reached out to us looking for more information, insights or advice, and, as you know, I am only too happy to share it all with you. I also really love the fact that the questions range all the way from beginner to intermediate to advanced topics, so you can be sure that there will be something for everyone here today.

We’ll begin by looking at the upcoming workshop in Las Vegas, which leads right into a question about figuring out what to sell, followed by whether or not FBA is oversaturated. I’ll also talk about the benefits of Shopify stores, becoming an LLC, recalling individual items to bundle them, and trademarking as well. Vetting possible bundles, the range to look for, dropshipping from Amazon to other platforms, restricted categories, and the biggest reasons for people failing or quitting this business model are also discussed. I can’t thank you enough for these remarkable questions, many of which I’m sure so many others are wondering about as well, so please keep them coming, and we’ll answer even more of them in future episodes.

This week on the Amazon Files:

  •   The upcoming workshop in Las Vegas
  •   How do you know what to sell?
  •   Can you get started with FBA in 2020 2021 or is it oversaturated?
  •   What are the benefits of having your own Shopify store or website?
  •   If you are a sole proprietor and want to get into wholesale, how important is it to become an LLC?
  •   If you have individual items at Amazon, and want to recall them and bundle them, what do you do?
  •   What should you trademark and how does it work?
  •   When you're vetting a possible bundle, does rank carry a higher priority than number of relevant listings, and what range should you be looking for?
  •   Can you dropship your bundles from Amazon to eBay, Etsy, etc.?
  •   What would be good advice for people who are starting out selling in restricted categories?
  •   What is the biggest reason that people fail or quit at this business model?

I want your success story to be the next one I tell on this podcast because you're knocking it out of the park.” 

- Kristin Ostrander





“I have had bundler after bundler come to a workshop, go to a trade show, and leave with a million bundle ideas. They’ve actually already ordered their bundles, and they're sending them into Amazon within a couple weeks of the workshop because they've learned how to do it properly.”

“I don't do a volume based business, I do a margin based business.”

“There are so many things to sell on Amazon, it can't possibly be saturated.”

“Pick categories that...seem, like, boring and unsexy, yet people buy products every day in these categories.”

“They want to see you have a presence besides Amazon, because Amazon's this big, bad wolf to a lot of vendors.”

“You want to get an LLC eventually, because it protects your personal assets.”

“There's this Amazon category where you can sell anything you want, as long as you're registered with that brand on Amazon. And then there's the government that says, ‘Well, you have to register in all the categories, otherwise you're only protected in the one category.’ ”

“So the range is going to be thinking about supply and demand…what is the actual supply and demand of the bundle that you're going to create?”

“Single unit items and bundles are not the same comparison.”

“People that are doing merchant fulfilled only, they're missing out on all of those Amazon Prime customers, which is like 92% of the population.”

“I'm 100% FBA.”

“Getting ‘ungated’ is as simple as buying a wholesale quantity of something from a legitimate wholesale distributor, and making sure that your credentials match, submitting that to Amazon to get approval to sell in that category.”

“The number one reason people fail is because they're not consistent.”

“It's not a quick fix.”

“People quit or fail because they don't commit and they don't realize that they're building an asset and they need to shape it as such.”


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