#1 Reason Bundles Fail

Whether you’re new to selling Amazon bundles or have been selling them for several months, sometimes your bundles will fail or not gain the traction you initially expected. For new Amazon bundlers, this could be due to inexperience or lack of practice, but in many cases, there are other factors involved that could cause your bundle to fail.

So, what can cause your Amazon bundles to fail? How can you improve your listings to attract more buyers and make more sales?

Today we highlight some of the central reasons why your bundles may not be selling and discuss the mistakes you need to avoid when creating your bundles. We discuss why you shouldn't fall into the trap of only stocking your shop with products that you love and how to conduct keyword research to find the most appropriate search terms for your listings. We also share the organization and planning techniques and tools that will keep you on track as an Amazon seller and entrepreneur. 

“You’ve got to know where you are and where you are going.” - Kristin Ostrander



This Week on the Amazon Files:

  • The importance of effectively researching products and creating a strong method to research products
  • How to find and use appropriate keywords in your listings
  • Why you should keep your customer avatar in mind when creating bundles
  • Why you need to be unique to successfully fill a gap in the market
  • How to create a compelling image and title that gets your product found quickly
  • How to check your indexing keywords and why they might not be as apparent as you would think
  • Why you should only edit one aspect of your listing at a time
  • When to contact Amazon for support

Resources Mentioned:

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Grow Your Amazon Business!

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