VA for FBA: Everything You Need to Hire & Train a Virtual Assistant for Your Amazon FBA Business

Would you like more time to focus on the tasks that make you money and move your business forward? Of course!

VA for FBA: Everything You Need to Hire & Train a Virtual Assistant for Your Amazon FBA Business is a course that provides the tools needed to find, hire and train a virtual assistant to manage background Amazon account tasks including:

  • Destroyed Inventory
  • Negative Feedback Removal Requests
  • Requesting Reimbursements
  • and more!

By outsourcing these time-sucking tasks, you’ll have more time to spend on profitable big picture endeavors.

What to Expect
This course consists of three modules taking you through the necessary steps to successfully hire and train your very own VA.

Module 1: The Search is On
In this module, I’ll help you determine what tasks you want to outsource and crafting the perfect job description to find a VA to fit your needs. Take-aways include a sample job description and videos that will help familiarize you with the process.

Module 2: Narrowing the Field
The next step is narrowing down and interviewing your applicants. I’ll walk you through the process and tools you will use to successfully find a VA to fit your business.

Module 3: Creating Your Own Rockstar
This module is the GOOD STUFF. All the materials you will need to train your new VA are included. I’ve provided videos and how to PDFs to show them how to complete your background Amazon account management.

Each section comes with a list of tasks to keep the ball rolling so you can accomplish the big picture dreams you have for your business.

You can subscribe to services that will charge you upwards of $250 a month to manage these tasks for you or you can continue to do (or not do) these tasks yourself. But why?

My VA consistently adds 3-6 hours to my week by managing my Amazon account for me. I pay her $80 per month. Not only am I gaining time back each week to focus on profitable tasks I also recoup any funds that Amazon owes me through reimbursement tasks, etc that she completes.

Are you ready to start focusing on the tasks that will move your business forward?

What People are Saying....

"The VA for FBA course is seriously a game changer for your Amazon FBA business. For the longest time I knew that hiring a VA to run my Amazon back office tasks would be a good thing for my business, but I was stuck thinking about how hard it probably is to find and train a VA. Boy, was I wrong. Amy Feierman's course, VA for FBA, has everything you need to find your perfect VA to take care of all the annoying tasks that need to be constantly monitored and taken care of in Seller Central. The videos and other training modules took me step-by-step throughout the whole process of finding, hiring, training, and delegating tasks to a qualified VA. If your Amazon business profits have plateaued or you are wanting to free up more time in your business, then I highly recommend VA for FBA."
~ Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA

"I highly recommend this course! It is worth every penny! I am one who finds a lot of things challenging when it comes to doing all the back end work of an FBA business. I am often intimidated and overwhelmed when learning new tasks. Whether you want to hire a VA to do the work, or do it yourself, this course is all you need. It is complete and concise. The printable documents and videos are excellent."
~ Suzie Kresuk, Amazon Seller



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