Are you frustrated with trying to create custom packaging for your products?

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You no longer need to be.

Show Me How
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Vector What?

Are you confused by all the terminology printing companies use when talking about packaging?

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Logo Design? Packaging?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to go from logo design to manufacturing?

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I'm Too Small...

I'm just a small business. Is custom packaging out of my league AND my budget? 

We've got you back!

We built a brand new training that includes all the details you need to develop custom packaging for your bundles or private label brand without breaking the bank.

Who is this training for?

  • Product or brand developers looking to bring new products to Amazon
  • Anyone looking to use GTIN exemptions to list products under their own brand
  • Amazon sellers looking to sign up for Brand Registry
  • All sellers who want to list bundles, private label, white label custom or handmade products on Amazon
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Did You Know...

If you want to list custom bundles, develop a private label brand or enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry program you are required to show Amazon your professional-grade branded packaging BEFORE you are allowed to register your brand, acquire a GTIN exemption or list products without standard UPC codes.

Developing and designing the type of professional-looking packaging Amazon is now requiring can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing. That's why we've built this new training to walk you step-by-step the the process. 

This training is exactly what you need to get started if you want to: 

  • Fast track your packaging development
  • Comply with Amazon branded packaging regulations
  • Get your bundles listed faster
  • Shorten your learning curve
  • Stand out among other competitors

You'll Have Access to:

Step-by-step guide to create custom packaging for your bundles and private label products

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Step-by-Step Guidance

We guide you through the process from design to manufacturing and everything in between including:

  • important questions to ask designers and manufactures along the way
  • a review of the new requirements Amazon expects for branded packaging for new product listings.  


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Packaging Resources

We will provide you with the resources you need to make custom packaging accessible including:

  • Packaging examples suitable for
    e-commerce brands
  • Glossary of common print and design industry-related terms
  • Resource guide to find designers and manufacturers

This type of training is usually reserved for our members-only Amazon Files HUB community. We are offering this as a limited release to the public so that all bundlers and private label friends can start making a custom packaging plan that meets Amazon's requirements.

We don’t want you to all of a sudden be blocked from listing bundles or new branded product because you cannot provide proper packaging Amazon is now requiring.

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Meet Your Guides
Kristin Ostrander & Amy Feierman

Two dynamic Amazon selling moms who dedicate their energy to helping others start and scale businesses on Amazon using their signature Wholesale Bundle System™. With more than 22 years of combined e-commerce experience they are fully equipped to teach the necessary skills e-commerce sellers need to take their business to the next level and beyond.

With a unique wholesale bundle approach to Amazon backed by a proven Wholesale Bundle Framework™, they have generated over $2 million in online sales during the last 12 months.

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