Learn to CONFIDENTLY BUILD product bundles


You need a plan that sets you apart 

You’ve heard us say over and over again that wholesale bundling is the top selling strategy for continued growth on Amazon.

We believe in order to succeed on Amazon long term, you need a plan that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Wholesale bundling is the way to set yourself up for Amazon selling success now and in the future.

Are you ready to...

Save time and reduce inventory sourcing headaches?

Position yourself for long-term success on Amazon?

Provide buyers exactly what they are looking for?

It’s time to FAST TRACK your way to wholesale bundle success with this live, in-person workshop.

Why a LIVE Workshop?

Online classes are amazing, but they are no substitute for in-person interactions where the energy is contagious. Nothing compares to the experience of being in a room full of excited Amazon sellers discovering new ideas and having awesome breakthroughs together.

The best online course in the world can’t compare to the experience of coming together in real life. Sitting across the table from other smart and savvy sellers will help everyone grow in ways online courses cannot replicate.


By Attending This Workshop...

You will walk away with clear, actionable steps to improve your bundling skills.
In one day we will help you:

  • Discover the anatomy of a successful bundle
  • Push your research skills to the next level
  • Implement a proven process you can replicate again and again
  • Apply new skills to real life bundle creation
  • Increase sales by developing products that solve problems and add value
  • Reduce competition by creating unique product bundles
  • Purchase larger quantities with wholesale
  • Contact wholesalers who manufacture and distribute your bundle components
  • Develop a plan for walking the trade show floor with confidence
  • Organize to prevent post trade show overwhelm 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information listed above. We’ve broken it down into workable pieces so you’ll walk away confidently building wholesale bundles.

You CAN become a better bundler
with this intensive one day training.

Coffee & Welcome 

The doors will open @ 8:30am to give everyone time find a seat, pick up some coffee (or tea) and meet the other attendees. We'll start right at 9am with a welcome and brief introductions - no corny icebreakers. We don't want to waste one second of your time. 

Session 1: Think Like a Bundler

In this session, we'll help you make the necessary mindset shift that will help you gain confidence in bringing bundles you know will sell to the Amazon marketplace time and time again. 

Session 2: The Key to Successful Bundles

There are many keys to a successful bundle. This hands on session will help you discover how to research, locate and dissect whether a bundle is right for the Amazon marketpalce.

Lunch Break

Lunch is included

Session 3: Top Inventory Source for Successful Bundles

It's no coincidence that this workshop is being held in Atlanta in January. Atlanta is home to the largest gift and home market in the US. It is an amazing source of wholesale vendors and bundle inspiration. We'll be sharing strategies to take advantage of what AmericasMart or other trade shows have to offer. 

Session 4: Narrow Your Focus

Walking the trade show floor can be both exciting and overwhelming. It's easy to get carried away and end up with more information than you know how to handle. We're ready to share our strategies to help you process catalogs, price lists and vendor information while staying focused and on target with successful bundle creation.

Ask Us Anything

This workshop is all about you. You'll have complete access to two Amazon bundling experts who will help you navigate your stuck points and put you on the fast track to bundling success. Each session includes both teaching and hands on components. Both of us will be accessible for questions and assistance throughout the entire day. 


This is NOT a stuffy conference room experience...

We decided to stay away from stuffy hotel conference rooms and uninspiring surroundings and booked a room at the one-of-a-kind coworking space in Atlanta called The Switchyards Downtown Club.

Switchyards Downtown Club

151 Ted Turner Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
View Map

The Switchyards is a one-of-a-kind members-only event and co-working space in Downtown Atlanta within walking distance of AmericasMart. 

We kept it close to the action at America’s Mart so you can take advantage of the Wholesale Gift market that is going on from January 9-16.

AmericasMart Atlanta

240 Peachtree St NW,
Atlanta, GA 30303
View Map

AmericasMart is the first and largest gift and home furnishing Market of the year. It features for than 9,000 brands across many different categories


Then You're Ready to Join Us...

Friday, January 12, 2018
from 9am - 6pm

Join us for this special one day workshop where the focus will be on transforming YOU into a confident bundle creator. This face to face learning experience will be full of detailed, hands-on instruction. YOU will walk away with the skills to confidently create bundles time and time again that will meet the needs of Amazon buyers. 

Only 20 Spots Available

If you want to become a confident bundle creator, now is the time to sign up. With the small intimate setting we have planned, there are only enough seats for 20 attendees. There are even less openings for the personal tradeshow walk-through option.

Hundreds of other people are reading this right now and there are only 20 spots. Don't wait to register! We want to meet you in Atlanta. 

Learn From the Experts

We have more than 15 years of e-commerce sales experience between the two of us. Over the past 4 years we’ve tripped, stumbled, and fallen flat on our faces on our way to developing the wholesale bundle goldmine that is the core of our businesses today. We’re ready to bring you alongside us and save you from experiencing the struggles and challenges that we faced. We’re ready to show you the shortcuts, trim your learning curve and turn you into a confident bundler.




7-hour Live Hands on Workshop

Bundle Confidence Workbook

Lunch and Refreshments

Personal Interaction with Experts




7-hour Live Hands on Workshop

Bundle Confidence Workbook

Lunch and Refreshments

Personal Interaction with Experts
3-hour Personal Tradeshow Floor Walkthrough on Sunday, January 14 from 9am-12pm

Learn How to Navigate a Trade Show Without the Overwhelm as we escort you through the tradeshow with your personalized plan


How is this workshop different than your wholesale bundles online course?  You'll be working face-to-face with us, getting your questions answered in real-time. Some other benefits of this workshop include:

  • Learning and developing skills with other like minded sellers
  • Focused small group environment encourages accountability, creativity and confidence
  • Receive answers to the most intimate bundle questions specific to YOUR business
  • Personal interaction creates a dynamic unmatched by a computer screen

If I own the Wholesale Bundle System, will I benefit from this workshop? 100% Yes. In fact, if you already have the wholesale bundles system you are in the best possible position to take advantage of this personal interaction. You've got the background information you need to step up your game and improve your bundling skills beyond the basics.


I live on the West Coast, will you be doing any workshops closer to me? Possibly. It will depend on interest and availability. We will keep you updated on any upcoming events.


Can I participate in the tradeshow walk-through if I do not attend the workshop? The personal walk-through will be reserved for those attending the workshop.


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