You need a plan that sets you apart from the competition

You’ve heard us say over and over again that wholesale bundling is the top selling strategy for continued growth on Amazon.

We believe in order to succeed on Amazon long term, you need a plan that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Wholesale bundling is the way to set yourself up for Amazon selling success now and in the future.

Are you ready to...

Save time and reduce inventory sourcing headaches?

Position yourself for long-term success on Amazon?

Provide buyers exactly what they are looking for?

It’s time to FAST TRACK your way to wholesale bundle success

By Attending This Workshop...

You will walk away with clear, actionable steps to improve your bundling skills.
In one day we will help you:

  • Discover the anatomy of a successful bundle
  • Push your research skills to the next level
  • Implement a proven process you can replicate again and again
  • Apply new skills to real life bundle creation
  • Increase sales by developing products that solve problems and add value
  • Reduce competition by creating unique product bundles
  • Purchase larger quantities with wholesale
  • Contact wholesalers who manufacture and distribute your bundle components
  • Develop a plan for walking the trade show floor with confidence
  • Organize to prevent post trade show overwhelm 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information listed above. We’ve broken it down into workable pieces so you’ll walk away confidently building wholesale bundles.

"I spent the last day and a half with Kristin and Amy at their ASD workshop and walk thru. ABSOLUTE best way to invest in my business. I am walking away with a focus for my FBA business and feeling comfortable talking with wholesalers. Seeing the principles learned in action collaborating with others helped me tremendously as well. If you are considering joining Kristin & Amy at their next workshop (if they do more in the future) - DO IT. It's worth it's weight in gold."

Risa Miller
Amazon Seller

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