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Every business requires tools. Some are absolutely necessary to make your business work and others are fun extras that will help you operate more efficiently. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or have been at it for  some time, there are always tools, apps, programs and tech gear to enhance your business. Below is a list of our favorite tools for starting and growing an Amazon business. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means if you purchase through them we might earn a commission.  Please note that these are resources, tools and services, that we have personally tested and have or still use in our Amazon FBA businesses. The recommendations come directly from us or helpful sources that we know and trust.

Not sure what keywords to include in your product listing to make sure it's found by buyers? Want to know what words buyers are searching for in different categories? Merchant Words is by far our favorite keyword research tool. Why? It is simple, easy to understand, affordable at any level.

Merchant words is an online keyword research tool that fully integrates with Amazon to reveal the top searched keywords for your phrase or category. Just type in a search term and Merchant Words will bring up the data you need to define the most popular keywords you need to build profitable listings. With Merchant Words you can find all the possible search phrases used to find your products.

If you create wholesale bundles, bring new products to the Amazon marketplace or private label your own products Merchant Words will provide you with real data directly from Amazon so that you can find and use the best keywords for your listings. We ALWAYS consult Merchant Words when creating new listings on Amazon. Click the link below to access a Mommy Income only special offer. 


Selling on Amazon requires some essential tools to get started and for continued growth. As always, it is our goal to help you start and grow successful Amazon businesses. Clcik the link below to access a list of Start Up Essentials and Game Changing Upgrades. Where you are in your business will determine which of these you need now and which ones you can save for.  ACCESS NOW

Inventory lab is a Amazon business tool that allows you to quickly and easily list and ship products but that is just the beginning. It will also:

  • allows you you see your profitability, accounts, profit and loss enhanced Amazon integration
  • solves many problems sellers face when shipping and analyzing product profitability
  • allows you to see your profitability by ASIN, vendor and category

Scoutify app is included in your subscription and allows you to scan products on the go and quickly make inventory buying decisions with a snapshot of all the important data right at your fingertips. We personally would not run our businesses without Inventory Lab. It is a game-changing time saver. All you need is Pro Seller Account to get started. LEARN MORE

Keepa is an essential tool in our arsenal. This program  is full of easy to read data that will help you make better buying decisions either on the go or while researching on your computer. You can add the Chrome extension to your browser to access all of the information directly on Amazon product pages. To get full access to all of the data they provide including sales rank, buy box history, and offer count sign up for an account today. It's worth every penny.  ACCESS NOW

What is a prep center? It is a processing facility where you send your wholesale inventory to be inspected and prepared for shipment to Amazon including:

  • checking for damage
  • labeling
  • poly bags
  • bubble wrap
  • boxing
  • and more

You could do that work yourself or you could have your wholesaler send your items directly to a prep center where they will prepare and ship your items into the Amazon Fulfillment center for you. This is our preferred method. Using a prep center for your Amazon business is the fastest way for you to free up your time.

My Prep Center specializes in wholesale bundles….just like we do. If you are selling wholesale, especially bundles and want to save time and energy on prepping and shipping inventory, My Prep Center will take good care of you. LEARN MORE

Do you still have a little black book next to your desk or in your laptop bag with all of your passwords and other login information? It's time to take the simple, but necessary steps, to secure your information, protect your business and your identity. Lastpass can make logging in to any browser or app painless on both desktop computers and smart devices. But that's not all, share your information with others easily and securely. Make online shopping a snap with the autofill digital wallet. Borth of us can't imagine running our day-to-day life, let alone our businesses without it. LEARN MORE

Overwhelmed at the thought of creating a new listing?

Keep putting it off? With all the rules, keywords, titles and other descriptors it is difficult to know whether or not you’ve got it right. The Listing Demystified Course and Chrome extension created by our friends at Scanner Society has upgraded the way we create listings. The tools and strategies they provide along with the invaluable chrome extension ensures we have the correct amount of characters and keywords in the the right places for the best listing optimization possible. This is our favorite new tool to use for make sure our listings are compliant with Amazon’s ever changing algorithm. The extension is continually updated for an optimal experience. Click the link below to watch a demo video and use the code MOMMYINCOME to get $50 off.  


If you are looking to find new products to sell on Amazon, Jungle Scout is a great research tool. The data they reveal about products, categories, potential profit and estimated monthly sales is extremely valuable when making inventory buying decisions. When you don’t know what products will be the most profitable on Amazon, Jungle Scout will give you up to date sales data on which products are doing the best so you can choose products to sell that meet your personal business model. The Niche hunter feature helps you vet new ideas and niche options. The user interface is easy to understand and makes at a glance product research a breeze.  LEARN MORE

Bubblefast is our preferred place to buy shipping and prep supplies for your Amazon inventory. They are fast, accurate and have excellent customer service. They offer a wide range of products perfect for your prepping needs including poly bags in various sizes, (we like self sealing warning label bags), 3-inch tape, tape guns, boxes, bubble wrap and more. Use coupon code MOMMYINCOME to save 10% on any item at SHOP NOW.


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