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"I just wanted to say thank you to Kristin Ostrander and Amy Feierman for all the training they offer. I've taken the Wholesale and Bundle courses and just finished watching the researching classes. I have been able to set myself up with wholesale accounts with several manufacturers and have my first orders coming in. It is a small test of 12 for my first bundle. I followed the training and as I'm waiting for my products to arrive I'm working on research for the keywords to put in my listing… I would have never had the courage or the ability to research this without these classes. Wish me luck!"

Deena Cannistraci

"Amy and Kristin - I just got my first FBA shipment out the door (207 units!) and wanted to give a HUGE thank you to you both for all of the help you give new sellers. "

April Felt

"I want to say thank you to Amy and Kristin for all you do. I enjoy learning from both of you and am grateful for this group <3"

Rebecca Van Diest

"Kristin and Amy . . . Thank you for all you do. I'm re-listening to your videos. You ladies are really smart, motivating and just so full of life... Also, you are both so real. Thank you. Just needed to say it again."

Deb Rinvelt