Mommy Income Presents:  Amazon FBA Bundle Strategy

You Eliminate Competition on Amazon Listings by _________________________?

Private Labeling?
That's the answer many Amazon seller's would give.

Do we agree?

Yes & No

While we agree that Private Labeling is the top of the retail food chain we also know how difficult it is for smaller sellers. 

Look all these stumbling blocks:

  • It's expensive tying up thousands of dollars often for months at a time
  • Time consuming 3-4 month lead times, often more
  • Chain of supply is error laden
  • Importing and Manufacturing is overwhelming
  • Long and large learning curve
  • Cross cultural communication is difficult
  • It often requires unique creative new products
  • Brand registry, logo creation and package designs are required

What if there was a better option for you?

There is... Bundling

Bundling, also known as poor man's private label, is simply putting highly complementary products together in convenient packages and selling them together for a faster, more convenient experience for the customer.

Bundles are the less expensive, easier alternative to private labeling. The concept is similar in that you are putting uniquely combined products into one package and making it your own.

Your competition will not be able to copy you once you add your special touch (shhh secret sauce here for students only)

We’ve been doing it for years with no importing, no long lead times and very little money.

You can start TODAY - Right now with...

A Step-by-step video course designed for creating profitable product bundles for Amazon FBA

In this course you will learn:

  • Amazon’s Rules & Guidelines for appropriate bundles
  • Product research methods
  • How to create Bundles that Sell
  • How to private label your items so others cannot sell them
  • Proper packaging techniques for bundles
  • Bundle Pricing Strategies
  • Proper Photography techniques and demos for Bundles

This is our Best Selling Course because it REALLY Works!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

"By learning to create bundles I have been able to put together holiday bundles and they all sold at 100% ROI! The one thing that helped me push through the fear of bundles was always knowing Kristin & Amy would be there to answer any questions if they came up during the process. Just try it. Set aside a budget and shop. "

Kim Damrow

"One thing that helped us take the leap into bundles was realizing how smart it is business-wise. We had been told bundles were the way to go, but didn't really understand the concept until taking your course."

Laurie Peckham

"Taking the bundles course helped me become more comfortable and knowledgeable about creating my own bundles. Based on what I learned from the course, I have been able to become creative and come up with new ideas, which are helping me to grow my Amazon business."

Tanya Davis

"Based on what I learned in Kristin & Amy's Mommy Income bundles course and all the helpful tips inside, I now feel more confident in not only researching what kind of bundles to make, but have gained the confidence in starting to add more seasonal bundles to my current "FBA repertoire" "

Debbie T.

"The bundles course helped me think creatively about how to make unique bundles that are hard to copy and the realization that wholesale bundles are scalable and a good way to grow our Amazon business. "

Jerry A Moye

Are you ready to join these and hundreds of other students who have taken this course?

Don’t worry, we will never leave you alone. We have a private community our students can join to get answers to their questions while taking these courses.

It's your turn to join our poor man's private label community.

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