How to Hire a Team Member Workbook

$9.99 USD

It's time to get over the hiring hurdle. 

Hiring help can seem like an overwhelming hurdle. We often hear sellers saying, "I'm not there yet." as their reason (aka excuse) for not hiring help for their business. 

PLEASE don't let this be you. 

That's why we've put together this workbook to help you through all of the steps in the hiring process including:

  • EMPTY YOUR PLATE:  Knowing what you want a potential hire to take off your plate
  • YOUR WORTH IT:  Why you are worth MORE than many of the tasks on your plate
  • WHO ARE THEY?:  What does your ideal team member look like?
  • SAMPLES:  Examples of job descriptions and ads that we have used
  • and MORE!

Whether you’ve only been selling on Amazon for a few months or are a seasoned seller who hasn’t put a team in place yet, this workbook provides you with the steps needed to get the process started. 

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