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During these times of uncertainty, we want you to know we’ve got your back. We are here to guide you through the ever-changing Amazon platform so that you can keep things moving forward even in the smallest way. We are dedicated to your success and we’ve put together this special offer for you so that you can shift gears into a more sustainable business model that will stand firm for the long haul. 

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In this special offer, we have included everything you need to get started with wholesale bundles along with two additional courses that will solidify your long term success on Amazon.

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Wholesale Bundle System

Long Term Success
on Amazon

The Wholesale Bundles System is our signature program that sets you up for long term success on Amazon. The course will guide you through the wholesale process, our exclusive bundle creation framework research system and listing creation so you can start listing bundles in as little as two weeks.

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1st Steps to Brand Registry

Protecting Your
Bundle Brand

Protecting your bundle brand with brand registry is the key to long term sustainability on Amazon. In the training, we discuss the benefits of brand registry and the process to obtaining a trademark so that you can apply for brand registry on Amazon and the guidelines to follow so that you are protected.

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Create Packaging

Custom Packaging

Take the stress and overwhelm out of custom packaging. This course has all the details you need to develop custom packaging for your bundles or private label brand without breaking the bank. It includes training, resources, explanation of terms and design guidelines to create the best experience for your customer all while being compliant with Amazon’s new policies.

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Meet Your Guides
Kristin Ostrander & Amy Feierman

Two dynamic Amazon selling moms who dedicate their energy to helping others start and scale businesses on Amazon using their signature Wholesale Bundle System™. With more than 22 years of combined e-commerce experience they are fully equipped to teach the necessary skills e-commerce sellers need to take their business to the next level and beyond.

With a unique wholesale bundle approach to Amazon backed by a proven Wholesale Bundle Framework™, they have generated over $2 million in online sales during the last 12 months.