Sell WHOLESALE and get UNGATED in Restricted Categories on Amazon

wholesale Sep 17, 2020

Today we are going to talk about: Getting Ungated in restricted categories on Amazon

I’m Kristin Ostrander host of The Amazon Files podcast and owner of Mommy where I use my 18 years of ecommerce experience to help others start and grow businesses on Amazon. As a current seven-figure Amazon seller I am fully equipped to help you reach your Amazon selling goals so let’s get to it! 

Getting Ungated in restricted categories on Amazon

Raise your hand if you’ve been here before. You fina an amazing product to sell on Amazon but its in a restricted category.


Getting ungated on Amazon opens you up to bigger audiences and potentially more sales

Amazon Restricted Categories

What is a restricted category AKA Gated category?

A category that requires approval in order to sell products

Amazon restricted categories that require approval include these common categories:

Health and Beauty

Clothing, Accessories, Shoes and Luggage

Grocery and Gourmet Foods

Toys and Games (Holiday Selling Guidelines)

Video, DVD and Blu-ray


Some products on Amazon may require approval, even if the category doesn’t. 

For example, premiere beauty brands, certain Software, and even specific ASINS like hoverboards require you to submit a request to sell.

Why there are restrictions 

Amazon wants to ensure customers can ‘buy with confidence’ in these categories, so they limit the number of new sellers in them until they can prove themselves.

it’s their way of limiting risk by ensuring only the most qualified sellers get access to these popular categories

Today I’m showing you how you can apply for category approval on Amazon...

NOTE NO guarantees!

no one-size-fits-all approach to getting ungated

different categories can call for different approaches 

there are similarities you can use when applying

How to Get Ungated in Restricted Categories

Step 1: Create an account with a Wholesale Vendor in the proper category

If you want to sell clothing find a clothing wholesaler, or if you are attempting to file applications for multiple categories purchase from a vendor who sells multiple categories of products

When opening the account MAKE SURE shipping address that matches the one on your Amazon account. If you have an LLC name and it’s different from your Amazon Store Name, use both.

My name registered with Amazon is Mommy Income but my Store name is Kristin’s favorite things, I would use both

WANT 5 vendors you can use RIGHT NOW?

Go to to get a list of 5 wholesale vendors you can start with right now for less than $300 min order

Step 2: Purchase 15 Products per ASIN

Find 3 different products (different ASINs) 

In three different categories (if multiple categories desired)

(Beauty; Health and Personal Care; and Grocery)

place orders for 15 or more of each of them. NOT cases

For example, you could order candies, bandaids, and multivitamins, giving you a different product in each category.

your goal is to get ungated and not necessarily to make a profit on these items.

Step 3: Invoice Additions

If the invoices don’t include your seller name at the top, add it 

Write/ type ASIN, UPC, and item model number for each product on the invoice.

NOTE: if you’re trying to get ungated in Shoes; Clothing and Accessories; Luggage and Travel; or Handbags and Sunglasses, you’ll need to submit images AND invoices. 

Keep all original invoices UNMARKED/Any additions you do should be on copies, not the originals.

make sure all your personal information is correct

Step 4: Upload your Invoices

Scanning is the easiest way of going about it, 

NO scanner?

take pictures of invoices

shoot in enough light 

edit them after for brightness and clarity, if needed.

Step 5: Request Approval

Go to inventory>add a product>enter ASIN>apply to sell>fill out form>upload documents/invoices

Wait 24-48 hours for review CAN TAKE UP TO A WEEK

If successful, congratulations!

If unsuccessful, 

You’ll get a reason for the rejection, which should serve as a guideline for the improvements you need to make before re-applying. 

the most common reasons

getting your metrics into better shape so you can prove you’re a quality seller.

More feedback

A higher number of reviews to increase your visibility.

Sell more products

CTA Don’t forget to grab your vendors list at

Reference article 

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