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We hear from people every single day that are confused about selling on Amazon. There are endless Youtube videos, gurus and blogs pulling you every which way.

We are Kristin Ostrander and  Amy Feierman from and we have been selling on Amazon for over 10 years each. Between the two of us we have 22 years of ecommerce experience. Back before it was popular, we were selling products online. All the way back when ebay took paper checks and Amazon only sold used books.

We’ve made mistakes, changed directions and finally figured out how to make selling on Amazon work for us. We’ve made it much easier for you to learn the necessary skills it takes to build an Amazon business from the ground up.

No more confusion. No more mixed messages. No more fruitless research.

Everything you need to jump into your new Amazon business is included in our Start FBA Today e-course. Are you ready to stop researching and start making money with Amazon? This is the course for you!

Setting up your business is a crucial part of Amazon selling success.  This is not a hobby so don’t treat it like one. In this course, we’re going to help you build the foundation for your Amazon business and set up your Amazon account. We discuss the basics including.

  • How to set up the foundation for your business
  • How to set up your Amazon account

This is the ONE PLACE with ALL of the information you need to start your Amazon business in 2019.

In this step-by-step video course you'll learn how to…

Start your business off right by learning to set up a professional legitimate business.

Learn the necessary steps to take and tools to use to find profitable products that will sell on Amazon

Amazon requires you to protect your inventory prior to shipping it to the Fulfilment centers. You will learn all the proper techniques you will need to protect your inventory from damage. 

With Amazon FBA you send all your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. You will learn the processes and rules to follow to ensure your inventory will arrive safe and sound.

Running a business comes will a constant flow of financial decisions. We will guide you along the way and teach you what you need to do to grow your business and make smarter purchasing decisions.

With any business there are many new things to learn and practice. You will never be short on action steps during this course and beyond.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon Compared to other platforms

  • You do not have to store or ship inventory
  • You have access to 64% or more US households who are PRIME buyers
  • You do not have to drive traffic to a site
  • You do not have to ship items individually
  • You can use a prep center and become a hands off business
  • You do not have to process payments or handle customers
  • It is scalable

AMAZON BEGINNER TRUTHS REVEALED: What are the different Amazon Models?

  • Thrifting
  • Arbitrage
  • Private Label
  • Wholesale
  • Bundles

You can sell many different products including some used items on Amazon but there are strategies that are against Amazon’s terms of service. You’ll notice that there is ONE business model that is talked about a lot on the interwebs that isn’t included in our chart.

DROPSHIPPING: NOT a business model, against TOS we do not recommend

LINK TO Amazon's Terms of Service 

Amazon requires that YOU have inventory physically IN STOCK in order to ship.

Another heavily hyped starting point for new sellers is Private Label. We don’t recommend new sellers start with PL. WHY??

  • Learning curve > branding, packaging, importing logistics
  • Necessary capital investment
  • Lead time

It’s time to Take Action and stop thinking about selling on Amazon

STOP watching all the confusing people and take our SFT course!

What our student are saying:

We have a ton of resources beyond the course to support you and help you grow, but your Amazon selling success starts with this investment in your business. For only $97 you will get instant access to this course and LIFETIME ACCESS to all future course updates!

Get Started Today:


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PS - Check out these helpful links for your Amazon business. We use them all in our businesses and are paid a small commission for referring you:

  • The Listing Demystified Course and Chrome extension created by our friends at Scanner Society has upgraded the way we create listings. The tools and strategies they provide along with the invaluable chrome extension ensures we have the correct amount of characters and keywords in the the right places for the best listing optimization possible. This is our favorite new tool to use for make sure our listings are compliant with Amazon’s ever changing algorithm. The extension is continually updated for an optimal experience. Click the link below to watch a demo video and use the code MOMMYINCOME to get $50 off:
  • Merchant words is an online keyword research tool that fully integrates with Amazon to reveal the top searched keywords for your phrase or category. Just type in a search term and Merchant Words will bring up the data you need to define the most popular keywords you need to build profitable listings.With Merchant Words you can find all the possible search phrases used to find your products. If you create wholesale bundles, bring new products to the Amazon marketplace or private label your own products Merchant Words will provide you with real data directly from Amazon so that you can find and use the best keywords for your listings. We ALWAYS consult Merchant Words when creating new listings on Amazon. Click the link below to access a Mommy Income only special offer:
  • Inventory Lab is a Amazon business tool that allows you to quickly and easily list and ship products but that is just the beginning. All you need is Pro Seller Account to get started:

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