Optimizing Existing Amazon Listings for Better Results

video Aug 05, 2019

The only constant is change. Yes it’s very cliche but also very true when it comes to selling on Amazon. If you’ve been on the platform for even a short amount of time you’ve come to learn this about Amazon. Amazon is always adjusting it’s algorithm and the needs of customers are ever changing. 

Amazon isn’t a set it and forget it business model. Did you know that once you create a listing it can, and often should, be changed periodically. On this week’s episode of the Amazon Files, we’ll be talking to copywriter and Amazon listing expert Karon Thackston from Marketing Words. She’ll be sharing why testing and tweaking listings is important to improve your product’s rank, traffic, sales and profit.

Every Amazon seller experiences seeing their listings drop in popularity or fail to get the initial exposure they deserve. Many things can cause these disappointments, including Amazon changing its algorithm or customer trends start changing. Many Amazon sellers fail to review listings that have been published for some time or do not have marketing experience. This can leave them feeling like they don’t know where to start when it comes to optimizing and testing listings.

Karon Thackston is the president of Marketing Words, an organization that helps Amazon sellers learn how to optimize their product listing to rank higher and convert more viewers. She has created copy for companies such as the American Boating Association and more than 2,500 Amazon sellers. Previously, Karon has worked in roles as a marketing manager, senior copywriter, and advertising manager. She has an education from the University of South Carolina.

Today, we discuss the essential information you need to know about optimizing existing Amazon listings for better results. We share the processes you can use to test your listings, such as the keywords and titles. We reveal why using synonyms are vital and highlight which keyword research tools are the best. We also share how you can use the Amazon website to begin your research.

“You don't have to get it right the first time, but you want to get it close.” - Karon Thackston

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • Why you need to test your listings.
  • Why you don't need previous experience to test.
  • How long you should wait to see if a change is working.
  • How to review your keywords.
  • Researching and choosing keyword synonyms.
  • How to use the Amazon website to find associated keywords.
  • Simple ways to test your listing's title.
  • Tweaking listings versus creating new listings.
  • The best keyword research tools.
  • Long versus short titles.






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