Everything You Need to Know - Dallas Total Home & Gift Market 2020

trade shows workshops Nov 20, 2019

We will be attending the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market in January and we want you to join us!

We've heard that everything is bigger in Texas and there is no better way to start your year than by perfecting your wholesale bundles and securing vendor relationships at the Dallas Market Center!

A Guided Trade Show Walkthrough Creates Confidence

During our Confident Wholesale Bundler's Workshops, we include guided trade show walkthroughs. Some may wonder why we provide our students with guided trade show walkthroughs and the simple answer is confidence!

Trade shows can be very overwhelming and intimidating. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of vendors and millions of products to sort through. Just knowing where to begin is enough to make anyone quit before they start. 

In our guided trade show walkthrough, you will have the opportunity to see us demonstrate these conversations with vendors. Then you will PRACTICE these conversations yourselves. We will take a previously intimidating experience and help you feel more confident in what to say, what to do and what types of products will be a good fit for bundles.

During our scheduled time we will gather in small groups and navigate the tradeshow floor. We are excited to guide you through this process. 

If you already have wholesale experience, no worries! The guided walkthrough is optional for those who’ve got this part covered and there are TONS of vendor and networking opportunities to pursue at the trade show. 

Check out this video from 2019 - this place is INCREDIBLE! 


How to register for the Confident Wholesale Bundler's Workshop powered by Mommy Income. Click HERE.

How to register for the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market:

Dallas Market Center has a thorough registration process for entry.  Here is what you need to do to get in and WAIVE THE REGISTRATION FEE:

  • Go to Website and complete “New Buyer Application”
  • Upload the documents needed

New Buyer Application  (Supporting docs needed)
1 - State Sales Tax Permit
2 - Proof of business (upload docs for approval)
-WHOLESALE INVOICE showing initial invest of at least $3-4K in wholesale stock
-Quarterly STATE SALES TAX RETURN (showing active business within the last 3 months) - min of $20
-WEBSITE - if you have website with at least 30 different items in a cart available for purchase

If you have any trouble at all please contact the Dallas Market Center directly by calling (214) 655-6100 or (214) 744-7444 .

If you have time during your visit there is a MARKET ORIENTATION TOUR available every morning at 9:00 AM  @ the Fountain of the World Trade Center. This 1.5 hour tour is guided by an area expert who will show you around the Market and ways to shop efficiently. 

2020 can be the year your business profits skyrocket when you implement wholesale bundles. Let us teach you how!

We hope to see ya'll in Texas 😊

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