OH MY GOSH! You HAVE to Try This!

Are you ready to...

SMASH your competition on Amazon and

How about...

comfort of your own home?

Have you ever felt like this? We have!

  • You drive from store to store, scanning products to find a few golden nuggets but not enough to fill our cart. 
  • You scour the web for online deals to flip only to find falling prices as soon as it hits the warehouse.
  • You finally find a good replenishable product and discover after a few months that 15 other people have found the same thing, or worse it becomes restricted.
  • You struggle through long frustrating days of not finding enough products to sell.


How did we break free?

After 9 years of selling on Amazon, we’d had enough of this frustrating cycle. As our businesses and competition grew we knew we had to make a change if we wanted to keep growing.

We saw others growing and posting big numbers and we knew it was possible.

Yeah, BUT....

  • What if I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in inventory?
  • I am still a very small seller, how will I get my breakthrough?
  • Will I ever be able to realize my dream and replace my 9-5 income?

We asked the same questions....

and then we got to work diving into wholesale bundles

What Happened?

As soon as we began our journey into wholesale bundles our businesses experienced never before seen growth. We grew, and grew and grew.

So fast, in fact, we couldn’t keep up.

We have had so much success with wholesale bundling in the past two years we had to share it with you.

This kind of excitement can’t be kept to ourselves

We care about you and your business...

If you’ve watched any of our videos, you know how much we care about you and your business. We want you to have the same excitement and growth we have experienced.

You can start with wholesale bundling
for as little as $300.

We have doubled our sales in less than 2 years with no additional funds. No credit cards, no random windfall of money landed in our lap. We increased our ROI by adding wholesale bundles and eliminated the competition by creating unique bundles that other sellers are unable copy.

No More...

  • price tanking.
  • driving from store to store hoping to find profitable products.
  • doing what everyone else is doing.

Now It's Your Turn

We want to share the exact system we have
used for the past 2 years
to achieve this type of growth.


The Amazon FBA Wholesale Bundle System

In this course, we combine our simple wholesale system with our unique bundle methods and create product bundles no one else can sell. We previously called this poor man’s private labeling because is inexpensive, with no long term commitments and no overseas sourcing.

You have complete freedom to do your own thing in your own time with your own budget.

What will you receive as part of the Amazon FBA Wholesale Bundle System?

  • Simple step-by-step videos guiding you through each part of the process
  • Downloads, printable cheat sheets and templates
  • Everything you need to find and contact legitimate wholesalers
  • Instructions for specific tools used to find profitable products
  • The exact process we use to find, create and competition-proof bundles

PLUS you’ll learn to...

  • Professionally communicate, negotiate and build relationships with wholesalers
  • Research techniques to investigate the best bundle opportunities
  • Package your bundle so the buyer has the best possible experience
  • Take and edit product photos for bundles that meet Amazon's standards
  • Organize information, wholesale orders, and bundle components in an easy to use method

This REALLY Works!
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

This system has been our best selling product for over a year. Here is what some our students have to say about the Wholesale Bundle System:

"Wholesale allows me the ability to source inventory and prepare shipment during my off time. Bundles allow me the opportunity to set myself apart from Amazon and others by combining my wholesale items into bundles that customers are already buying together now."

Chris Caldwell

"The Wholesale Bundles course was very helpful. I increased my sales by including bundles in my product line and this class took the fear out of contacting wholesalers. "

Jeannine Puehler

"I wanted to take a course that figure out what Bundles were all about. Your course clarified everything for me. You taught me how to properly create the bundle listings and what a good bundle combo would be to put together."

Regina Bataille

"The confidence that you both exuded during the classes made me believe that it was possible to succeed at selling online. I sold my first bundle on Amazon! Your course helped me make thoughtful buying choices and take the leap into wholesale products. "

Rachel P.

"With this course, I have been able to source products that don't already exist on Amazon. Traditionally I've always stuck to finding something that scans and is already selling well. Now I have the ability to source and bring new products to Amazon. I just needed to see that others were successful at using these methods for FBA. The real life examples helped me realize that it was possible and it became less intimidating."

Derek M.

These people are among the hundreds who have added wholesale bundles to their Amazon FBA repertoire and are making huge profits by killing their competition.

Want to join them?


A little bit about us

Amy Feierman and Kristin Ostrander
The Mommy Income Team

We have over 20 years of ecommerce experience between us on multiple platforms including Amazon and eBay. We have made it our goal to help 1 million people experience the lifestyle freedom that comes with entrepreneurship.

We have taught hundreds of hours of classes online and in person. Our passion is to share what we have learned with others so they can live a life they have been dreaming about. We accomplish this through our YouTube channel, online education sessions and speaking events around the country.

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