Wholesale Bundle System

Within our Wholesale Bundle System™ you will have access to bundle creation strategies that actually bring results. In this course, through a step by step flow of videos along with complete transcripts, checklists and templates, you will learn everything you need to succeed at wholesale bundling including:

  • Proven Research Method - Demonstrate our step by step research framework to guide you through the 12 step process we take every time we create a new bundle. This method has helped us generate over $2 million in sales in the last 12 months.
  • Cultivate Wholesale Vendor Relationships - Find and connect with thousands of legitimate wholesale distributors worldwide to access millions of products that are available to bundle
  • Bundle Creation Strategies - Learn how to focus on customer's needs to determine what products to bundle, how to package them and how to eliminate competition.
  • Create Amazon Product Listings that Sell - We’ve taken the fear out of creating a new product listing with an easy to follow process you can repeat time and time again.
  • Questions Answered - We won't leave you hanging. This course is designed so that you can engage in a dialogue with us right within the course.

Now it's your turn to grow your Amazon business with a proven, safe and legitimate business model. Start bundling with the Wholesale Bundle System™ today.  

Start Bundling Now - $497

Due to the digital format of our courses, Mommy Income products are non-refundable. Each student receives an immediate benefit from online content such as access to all course materials, live coaching calls, community, and other online resources. For this reason all products are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Should you have any questions about our refund policy, please email us [email protected]

I just want to say that the Amazon FBA Wholesale Bundle System was very beneficial in helping me with the research and creation my first bundle... I just sold my first bundle item today! Very excited to get started with more bundles!!

~ Teresa Cody

"The wholesale bundle system is well worth the price. Not just on what to do but how to avoid huge mistakes and getting your account shut down. You ladies rock! "

~ Cheryl Aurelio

Im so excited! I bought the wholesale bundle system and went through it the last couple months and sold my first bundle today 4 days after it was available! Thanks Kristin Ostrander and Amy Feierman for the great teaching!

~ Jesse & Erin


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